our works

BeAnotherLab has developed a series of interaction protocols, software, hardware and body of knowledge into what we call The Machine to Be Another, from which many of our works have been developed. Our works are developed under the premise of communicating, understanding and expanding subjective experience, with a focus on the relationship between identity and empathy.

BeAnotherLab develops a variety of projects for different contexts including art, conflict resolution, scientific research, therapeutic and healthcare applications, education, entertainment and beyond. The following provides an overview of the contexts in which we apply our work.  Click here to see a list of our works.


Artistic performances/installations

Installations, commissions, performances and collaborations

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Research collaborations in psychology, neuroscience, cognitive sciences, user experience, virtual reality, embodiment

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Conflict resolution

Applications for conflict resolution for individual and collective identity based conflict

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Therapeutic applications

Physical and psychological therapy and rehabilitation



Education for physical activities and empathetic growth.



Virtual Reality and Telepresence

Technological development, consultancy and embodiment protocols.