Library of Ourselves

Living archive of embodied narratives addressing conflict though interdisciplinary community-based work.

Library of Ourselves is an interdisciplinary and distributed project to create transformative encounters between communities in conflict. Built using The Machine To Be Another (TMBA), a highly adaptable Creative Commons system that bridges cognitive science and virtual reality techniques to create empathic-driven experiences.

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Scientific research of ’embodiment’ systems using VR has shown that inducing a perceptual illusion of inhabiting another person’s body has great potential in reducing implicit racial bias and promoting altruism. Library of Ourselves combines a novel embodiment system, immersive archive, and distributed research toolkit to allow users to exchange perspectives, bodies and stories, designed as a highly scalable and accessible tool to foster and investigate empathy between groups.

lmplemented in social and cultural institutions, this multipurpose tool of physical and virtual encounters works as a door into the perspective of others, designed to bridge cultures and to promote mutual understanding.

The Library of Ourselves functions as more than just the “system”, “content”, or “event”; but instead a replicable structure/methodology for:

  • Creating content through collaboration with local communities/grassroots.
  • Creating audiences in partnership with local arts/culture institutions.
  • Generating new insights on the effects of this content in collaboration with international academic partners.

The overarching goal of creating measurable social change in local communities around issues of migration and marginalization is amplified by creating interconnections to allow joint work between those involved. The Library of Ourselves is currently funded by the EU Social Innovation Competition.