BeAnotherLab is composed by an antidisciplinary group of artists, researchers and activists that bring a wide view on the topics of subjective experience, identity and empathy; attempting to open our understanding of the self and it’s relation to the other. We are a family of multicultural agents  surrounded by a wide community of collaborators without whom our work would not be possible.   BeAnotherLab is currently composed by the following full-time investigators, together with our associates and collaborators.

Philippe Bertrand (BR): interdisciplinary artist, investigator, activist. Interested in interactive narratives and 2.0 tools of social intervention.

Christian Cherene (ES): researcher, performer, Interactive System designer. Interest in Rehabilitation Game Systems, hyper-documentation and neuroscience.

Norma Deseke (DE): PhD student in Social Anthropology, activist, feminist, writer. Dedicated to alternative forms of knowledge production, interested in the political economy of art, science & technology.

JJ Devereaux (US): Spacecat, anthropologist, and massage therapist dedicated to building empathy and managing reality across the universe.

Daniel González Franco (CO): electronic explorer, interest in visual/sound interactive art, VR, binaural audio, embodiment and telepresence.

Daanish Masood (SA): No-self (annatta), peacemaking, united nations, resolving inter-religious/interethnic conflicts, writing, storytelling. Interested in techno-shamanism, embodiment, empathy, and performance.

Marte Roel (MX): artist, lecturer and researcher of embodiment surrounding spatial cognition, emotional conveyance, play behavior and agency. He has explored the intersection of art and technology for modulating perceptual contingencies.

Arthur Tres (FR): Programmer seeking the empowerment of individuals and communities by digital means. He likes to work in interdisciplinary environments where science, humanities and technology meet and stimulate each other.