Gender Swap Experiment

The Gender Swap experiment was born as an interaction system/installation for promoting mutual respect and understanding between different gender identities; allowing both users to see themselves as the other. Through a series of body interaction protocols users build a non-linguistic dialogue based on mutual agreement that becomes a space of great intimacy.


The experience last from 10 – 15 minutes approximately and it consists of users’ interactions between them and with assistants; we use different multi-sensory feedback including mirrors to reinforce the illusion. After the users have accepted this new body of their own, the experience culminates when users can see themselves from the perspective of the other.

The system works as a research platform of gender and queer theories as well as a therapeutic experience. The work has been shown in multiple countries around the world.  Though in the image the users are not wearing much clothes it’s not mandatory for it to be this way, though it’s ideal for the illusion that they are dressed in a similar manner.