Embodied Narratives

One of the main applications of the Machine to Be Another are the embodied narrative performances in which people from different communities get involved for sharing their story from a first person perceptive, attempting to build empathy through building a shared identity.


For these performances we look for people from the communities that we are presenting our work to share a story; anyone that wants to share a part of their personal life. When we participate in site-specific events, people from the community that want to have an empathic response from that community or from people foreign to it get involved with us. We like people to appropriate our technologies and protocols to utilize them in ways that they consider are appropriate for their context.

One of the unique aspects of these performances is that they are coupled with multisensory interaction, particularly haptic feedback derived from personal objects that are an important part of the performer’s life. As the user grabs objects, a narrative related to that object is triggered, thus accessing the mental stream of the performer.

A good part of our research is spent in understanding the best ways for presenting efficient embodied narratives.

Please contact us if you want to share your story 🙂