BeAnotherLab believes in strengthening our social fabric through collaboration.


Through the collaboration of individuals and organizations BeAnotherLab aims at creating a strong network of interdisciplinary and distributed research and creation that fosters open knowledge. Our group currently has associates, collaborators and nodes working on projects that relate to our vision and goals. Associates work with us on project-driven collaborations for extended periods of time; collaborators participate in a more ephemeral way for specific performances or works; and nodes are semi-autonomous groups that gather for developing the same research lines of our lab in several cities across the world (currently in Berlin, Mexico City, Paris and throughout Colombia). As for institutions we collaborate with cultural associations, grass-roots organizations, and academic institutions between many others.


Our work is created under a Creative Commons Non-commercial Share Alike license, allowing people across latitudes to replicate our work for non-commercial purposes. If you’re interested in learning about our technological development, please visit our GitHub account.

It would be impossible for us to mention all the people that have contributed to our work, but we want to express all our gratitude to each one of you in this site, everyone that has  contributed to our body of knowledge.