Thank you, 2015 – Opening paths for empathy.

This year has been incredibly mind expanding for us, as we have had the opportunity to collaborate and communicate with very diverse contexts across a very wide geographical area. We feel completely humbled about these experiences and wanted to share part of it with you from the bottom of our hearts.

The most beautiful side of being part of BeAnotherLab, for me, is expanding myself through sharing. I share both within the group and with others that somehow expand our lab’s structure, thus becoming an imminent part of us. Every adventure with the team has had a beautiful mystery and suspense to it. I remember two crazy weeks at the beginning of the year that started with a 72-hour trip to a place very far away, to be back a week after in New York to meet with the whole team for the first time ever together. We expected a few days of summit; to discuss, plan and develop. But this, of course, never happened. We were completely immersed in the events that allowed us to travel to New York, plus other events that emerged. Working for 16+ hours a day and with only a few hours in the period that was planned for us to meet. Instead, I was working full-time, not sleeping because of jet-lag, anxiety and work. After most of the other chinos (teammates) left New York, I had a good afternoon for washing clothes and taking a nap. This was a Saturday, and I was leaving from NY to Barcelona on Monday. I woke up from the nap to put my clothes in the drier and I found a green document destroyed within them. It was my passport, with my American visa in it. I had to leave Monday and there was nothing I could do on a Sunday… How I managed to make it that Monday is a fun story, but not the purpose of this post. The point is that my whole year has been full of such adrenaline.

Back to sharing: within the group; I share with the most diverse, flexible, loving, and positively critical group of people that I’ve ever come along. Thank you chinos, really; I’m extremely fortunate for this. I love you all, and you are all beautiful beings. Outside of the group, I’ve had the most expansive opportunity in my life through participating in contexts that I’ve never imagined; from a panel next to a group of experts  in porn-studies’ to setting up The Machine on the streets in Palestine, and all the way to the United Nation’s General Assembly. Within all of these groups I’ve found common human emotions and a search for well being; though I have to say that it’s -perhaps not surprisingly- more difficult to find transparent emotions in some places that are explicitly aiming at humanity’s well-being, such as the UN. I’ve also understood more thoroughly that we are bound to a limited perspective, most of the time, innocently.

Through all this communication and sharing, I’ve gotten to know myself better and hug the world within me. We have grown a better understanding of we. It’s become natural and meaningful to interchange I and we.

It’s beautiful to have come this far regardless of our mistakes, without funding; based mostly on the support of the civic society and independent events. It’s been difficult in that sense, of course; especially for some of us. I do hope that it becomes easier for 2016. But having said this, I also want to remind us that BeAnotherLab was born with a mission; sometimes we forget the mission and focus on the project. We should focus on our mission more than in the project.

I have no more words to express my gratitude for this experience; but will instead share some of the photos from our journey this 2015. Thanks to all of you for this wonderful opportunity, and let’s wish bliss for the world for the coming Western year and the future.

Social Media Week, New York City


Empathic Technology Collaborative Workshop, MIT, Boston

BeAnotherLab Workshop @ MIT

Embodiment, Virtual Reality and Collaborative Research Workshop, FabLab Barcelona, Barcelona


22nd Filmforum Festival, Gorizia
Bouillants, Arts Númerique, Multimédia & Citoyenneté, Rennes


Node Forum for Digital Arts, Frankfurt


Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival, MACBA, Barcelona


Print Screen Festival, Holon


MindCET Hackathon, Yeruham


Musrara Mix Festival, Jerusalem


Artport Art Residency, Tel Aviv


Workshop in the Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center, Alaslah, Bethlehem


The Machine to Be Another on the streets in Palestine, Bethlehem


Art Investigation in the Detention Center for Asylum Seekers, Holot


Pilot study on embodiment with The Machine to Be Another, Mexico City


Initial tests for study with the Imagination Institute, PACE, New York City

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