@ Science Hack Day Berlin 2015

BeAnotherLab was happy to be a part of Science Hack Day Berlin!

lighting talk

We teamed up with 10 designers, artists, scientists, and hackers to create new ideas and experiment with new ways to research empathy.

Some of the team members already knew each other from the Lacuna Lab!

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 9.43.33 PM

Three New Hacks/Experiments!


Q: To what extent does visualizing physiological states guide willingness or ability to empathize?

Hack: Started from a pitched idea of using biosensors to visualize ones varying emotional state, we started working on integrating breathing, heart rate and galvanic skin response (GSR) sensors to visualize emotion.

Possible Applications: a couple-therapy scenario, interactive installation, or even actor training – any situation where seeing a visual representations of someone else’s emotions is useful.


In other words, what happens if you are facing another person, possibly looking at them in the eyes and can see how your presence affects the other person’s emotional state, and if that would help you empathize with that person.


Q: In which ways might a TMTBA experience with greater mobility enhance the empathy experience?

Hack: Making the Machine To Be Another mobile phone application.



Q: How Might We create an empathy toolkit that could be a framework for future empathy experiments?

Hack: Our team created an empathy research toolkit using the form of a deck of cards.

deck of cards


Our hack was awarded the **BEST INTERACTION HACK** and received a heartBIT board by BITalino, so that we can better integrate heart rate in the future.

We were very happy with the overwhelming influx of ideas we got from fellow people interested in collaboratively designing, tinkering, discussing, and we are still impressed by what got done in under 24 hours.

Find the documentation on the github repository created for the occasion.

Find the summary of the day’s events here: Science Hack Day Berlin.



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