Interdisciplinary group dedicated to the understanding of the self and its relation to the other


We are an interdisciplinary multinational group dedicated to understanding, communicating and expanding subjective experience; focusing our work in understanding the relationship between identity and empathy from an embodied perspective.

Since 2012 our group uses virtual reality and techniques derived from cognitive science research in developing critical applications in art, scientific research, social projects, healthcare and education, putting a strong emphasis on the impact of the work in people’s lives. Our work is based on an inclusive distributed model of action-research and collaborative design methods.

We develop The Machine to Be Another, an embodied virtual reality system that allows anyone to experience the world from the perspective of another. It works as an open platform to co-design immersive experiences that promote somatic and verbal dialogue deriving in pro-social behavior. The current focus of the team is The Library of Ourselves, an open book for embodied storytelling based on community work.